Our Fabrication Division provides a broad range of services in forming most any steel product; some include carbon, stainless, and alloy sheets and plate, structural shapes, pipe and tubing. Products include plate and structural fabrication, storage and low pressure vessels, mitered fittings and forged steel flanges. We also offer
fabricated steel assemblies for heavy industry. Quality control is a key element of fabricating department procedures. We have welders who are certified to common codes.

Equipment and capabilities include:

  • Plate bending rolls – 1″ thick x 10′ wide and thicker on narrower plate
  • 150 ton press brake x 14′ (12′ between housings)
  • 400 ton press brake x 12′ (10′ between housings)
  • 600 ton press brake x 14′ (12′ 6″ between housings)
  • 200 ton Drake straightening press
  • Shearing – 3/4″ x 12′ or heavier for narrow plate
  • Punching – maximum 1 1/2″ diameter hole through 1 1/8″ steel, larger on thinner plate
  • AC-DC, heli-arc and short arc welding machines, as well as semi-automatics
  • Plasma arc cutting machine for stainless steel and aluminum
  • Angle roll – maximum 6″ x 6″ x 5/8″ toe-out, 5″ x 5″ x 3/4″ toe-in
  • Pipe roll – maximum 4″ pipe
  • Overhead bridge cranes with capacity of 20,000 pounds for handling assemblies and sub-assemblies of structural tanks and machinery
  • CNC burning machine – 12′ x 42′ table, oxy and plasma.
    • Oxy capacity: 6″ thick:  Plasma capacity: 2″ thick: Steel, Stainless, or Aluminum.
  • CNC burning machine – 8′ x 20′ table, oxy fuel and plasma.
    • Oxy capacity: 6″ thick:  Plasma capacity: 1-1/2 thick: Steel,  Stainless, or Aluminum.
  • Hydraulic flight former (for screw conveyor flighting)
  • 8′ Roto – Blasting, Single table
  • Media Blasting
  • Priming & Finish Painting

Here at Laurel Machine & Foundry Co., we maintain the simple values of pride in craftsmanship and dedication to service. Quality, reliability, and a desire to meet all of our customers' needs have formed the foundation for the continual diversification of the products and services we offer to modern industry.

Our ability to fill the needs of companies like yours has made us the number one supplier to call on for everything from fabrication to casting to custom machinery to in-stock mill supplies. And, just as in the past, we will continue to refine and enhance our products and services so that we may grow along with the companies we serve.

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