Our Foundry Division is an important area of our service, providing ductile iron castings from 25 to 4000 pounds, gray iron castings from 25 to 6000 pounds, and also chrome and nickel gray iron castings from 25 to 2000 pounds.

We specialize in bearing housings, valve bodies, pedestals, pipe fittings, machine bases, steer hubs, boiler grates, etc. Our capabilities include:



  • Two Furan No-Bake Sand mixers for large and medium sized molds with a mixing rate of 1,000 pounds per minute.
  • Two manual molding lines for medium size cope and drag interlocked dump box molding.
  • Two Floor molding areas for large molds. Includes a 20,000-pound INTAC Roll Over Machine. Core Area for large cores.
  • One Simi-Automated Molding Loop for large interlocked cope and drag dump boxes. The loop employs:
  • One Kloster 14,000 pound Compaction Table.
  • 136 feet of 69″ wide Powered Roller Conveyor with a 20,000 pound mold capacity.
  • IMF Mold Manipulator with a maximum mold size of 70.8″ x 55″ x 25.5″ and a capacity of 8,800 pounds.
  • Quiptec Mold Manipulator with a maximum clamp of 40″, minimum clamp of 10″, swing radius of 34″ and a capacity of 2500 pounds.
  • Refcotec Flow coating System
  • VM-120 ; VM-64 Vibra Mills



  • Two 7,200-pound, 1500kw Dual-Trak, induction furnaces with a melt capacity of 60,000 pounds per shift for gray and ductile iron.
  • Two 2,000-pound induction furnaces with a melt capacity of 12,000 pounds per shift for gray, ductile, and alloyed gray iron.


Metallurgical Lab

  • Metallographic preparation equipment.
  • Metallurgical microscope and camera for matrix structure evaluation of every-day-heats.
  • Portable Brinell hardness tester.
  • Riehle Model KA-60 Hydraulic Tensile Tester – 250,000 lb. capacity.
  • SPECTROMAXx Range 160-600 nm, Ical logic system spectrometer.
  • Chemical and Physical Certification to ASTM Standards.


Sand Testing Lab

  • Loss On Ignition
  • AFS Sieve
  • Moisture
  • Tensile Strength


Core Room

  • Tinker Omega 125 Pep Set mixer with cooler.
  • Palmer 50 pounds per minute Pep-Set mixer.


Standard Iron Grades

  • ASTM A48 Class 30, Class 35 and Class 40.
  • ASTM A536 Grades 65-45-12, and 80-55-06


Other Capabilities

  • In-house pattern shop.  Wheelabrator 96″ Double Swing Table Roto-blast, Grinding, cleaning, and cutting area.
  • Pangborn 6′ Single Table Roto-Blast



  • We have the latest in CNC equipment and we can machine any casting we make. Click on Machining Division for complete details.

Here at Laurel Machine & Foundry Co., we maintain the simple values of pride in craftsmanship and dedication to service. Quality, reliability, and a desire to meet all of our customers' needs have formed the foundation for the continual diversification of the products and services we offer to modern industry.

Our ability to fill the needs of companies like yours has made us the number one supplier to call on for everything from fabrication to casting to custom machinery to in-stock mill supplies. And, just as in the past, we will continue to refine and enhance our products and services so that we may grow along with the companies we serve.

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